About Idyllwild AG in Idyllwild, CA

Idyllwild Assembly of God Church is a virtual satellite church of Valle Vista Assembly of God in Hemet, CA. IAG was officially launched on Jaunary 10 of 2016 and now offers weekly Sunday services online.

IAG is a church plant instigated through the Assemblies Of God and sponsored by Valle Vista AG in Hemet.

We plan to be active in and around Idyllwild with various activities and events. We want to get to know everyone better and become a blessing to the citizens of Idyllwild and the surrounding communities.

Photo of Pastor Mark and Tina Garrett
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Pastor Mark and Tina Garrett

Pastor Mark Garrett originally served Valle Vista Assembly of God Church in Hemet as Associate Pastor, alongside his wife Tina, and with their son, Sean. Their ministry encompassed many roles over the years, including pastoral, teaching, youth, senior, and multiple helps ministries. In June 2019 Pastor Mark became Senior Pastor at Valle Vista Assembly of God, and is delighted to continue in leadership at Idyllwild AG. IAG is now a virtual satelite church of Valle Vista Assemblies of God church. He and wife, Tina, are excited to be a part of God’s continuing plan for the church in Idyllwild. They bring with them a deep love of people and a desire to help others find God’s answers to every situation in life.

The pure Gospel of Jesus Christ is cherished and all sermons and Bible studies are delivered with passion, guided by careful study, prayer, and a desire to “rightly divide” the Word of God