Born again

” Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

Being born again or regeneration are names for spiritual birth, it is an inward recreating of a person spiritually- a life transformation. We can change our habits but only a relationship with Jesus can bring about real transformation that occurs from the inside out that includes how we see the world and people around us. Faith in Jesus Christ is the only condition to being saved or born again. Have you put your faith in Jesus?

Let the Lord Handle It

His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you do it” John 2:5
We see that Mary asked Jesus for help in fixing a problem but she also submitted to His way of doing it. Do we feel the need to explain all the details to God, or try to suggest to God how to handle a particular situation? Or do we give it to Him and let Him handle it?

God’s Kids

But as many as received Him He gave the right to become children of God. John 1:12

If you know Jesus you are a part of the family of God. As we grow spiritually we begin to take on some of the characteristics of Jesus. Let people see Him through you. Let your light shine don’t be just another face in the crowd!

IAG New Website

Yay!! We are celebrating a brand new website.
Now that the new IAG website is online, we need your help. The site will undergo changes and refinements as we move forward, so it will really help us out if you will let us know should you find any errors or experience any problems. You can email us at

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