While cutting and splitting firewood recently, I discovered something very interesting about this piece of wood. On one side you see nails sticking out. On the other side there is no trace of them. I wondered to myself how many years ago those nails were hammered into the tree that held them. Those nails remained as the tree grew and the nails disappeared from sight, yet they were very much still a part of that tree.

Then I got to thinking how this can be the case with us. Things like those nails are driven into us; unkind words, a broken trust, the loss of a loved one, can cause deep pain. Sometimes we allow things like the nails to get buried, and we just go on with life and pretend it’s not there.These things need to be dealt with, brought into the light. The nails have obviously been in the tree for years yet they appear to be new.

Hurts and wounds can be the same. They may have happened long ago, but it can feel as though it just happened. If not allowed to heal, the pain can remain for years. While we are not exempt from trouble in life, Jesus reminds us He has overcome the world.(John 16:33)Bring your trouble and pain to the wonderful counselor. (Isaiah 9:6) Take a look around you and find a Christian brother or sister to help you. God has not intended that we go it alone. ( Galatians 6:2)
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